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In way of performing Azin Khodro Industrial Group's social obligation of developing a science-based society relying on knowledge and experience, the personnel scientific productivity upgrading and creating new opportunities of their scientific promotion and training, the conception of developing a university center within Azin Khodro Co. was inspired and, fortunately, realized in 2012 by establishing Azin Khodro Co. Scientific-Applicational Center. Obtaining formal licence from Scientific-Applicational General University for conducting university courses under supervision of Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of Iran, Azin Khodro Co. Scientific-Applicational Center has started taking students since October 2012, with the possibility of education in arts application and bachelorship of technical and management courses suiting the country's industrial requirements, automotive industry in particular. Holding theoretic and application classes beside workshops, using instructors experienced in automotive industry, and professors approved by Scientific-Applicational General University, the Center tends to provide the best educational conditions, obtaining highest skill for the students, especially those interested in education continuance in the country's reputable universities.

For More Information: commerciald@azinkhodro.net
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